The Carbone family and the Paul P. Carbone M.D. Memorial Foundation are proud to report on the many exciting programs that occurred in 2009 and appreciate your on-going support for projects planned in 2010. 

In the Fall 2007, Tower One of the Wisconsin Institute of Medical Research was opened. A $134 million Interdisciplinary Research Center that stands next to the Cancer Center, WIMR is designed to bring together cancer scientists and physicians from a variety of disciplines to more effectively move discoveries from the lab to the patient. The Foundation?s major goals in 2010 will be to raise capital to continue equipping Tower One and for planning and constructing Tower Two. During 2009, the Paul P. Carbone, M.D. Memorial Foundation worked with other major organizations around the world to honor a great man and help others continue his work:

  • The First Annual Andy North and Friends Event raised $310,000 to benefit cancer research. Two-time US Open Champion Andy North hosted a dinner and golf event with celebrities Tom Watson, eight-time majors champion, and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Mrs. Carbone is pictured above with Mr. North and Mr. Watson at the Event. Please see for information about this year’s event.
  • In honor of Dr. Carbone’s contributions to HospiceCare, the Sixth Annual Paul P. Carbone, M.D. Award of Excellence was presented in 2009 to Annette Cleary. She was honored for her emotional and spiritual support of HospiceCare patients at the end of life.
  • The Cancer Center’s Park Street clinic has recently taken the Carbone Cancer Center name. For this, the Center had a drawing done of Dr. Carbone that will be hung in the clinic’s lobby to commemorate the renaming.
  • The Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) Research and Education Foundation created the Paul Carbone, MD Fellowship to develop and promote excellence in clinical trials leading to improvements in cancer care. The 2009 Fellowship was awarded to Athanassios Argiris, MD from the University of Pittsburgh for his work related to treating lung, head and neck cancer.
  • At last year’s International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research meeting, the 2009 Paul P. Carbone Award for International Oncology for outstanding contributions to oncology in the developing world was awarded to Dr Giuseppe Masera who is well known for his work in Central America.
  • With government support for cancer research continuing to decline, the UW Carbone Cancer Center needs our support more than ever. Not only do the WIMR Towers Two and Three need to be funded but the Cancer Center is looking to raise unrestricted funds to help support its many researchers and programs. Your donations this year will be directed towards the capital and programmatic needs of the Cancer Center along with continued funding of the Foundation’s other related initiatives. Thank you for your generosity in helping the Foundation continue the good work of Dr. Carbone. Contributions to the Paul P. Carbone, M.D. Memorial Foundation are fully tax-deductible and are much appreciated